Ryan’s big botherer

The only picture we could find of Lisa Jeynes with Ryan Giggs

A FORMER Big Brother wannabe has bored newspaper readers to tears in an attempt to cash in on a scandal involving footballer Ryan Giggs.

Lisa Jeynes, who hardcore telly addicts may just about remember as an also-ran from 2003’s Big Brother Four, has yet again ‘revealed’ that nearly 20 years ago she had some brief relationship with the Manchester United and Wales ace.

Giggs, 37, is currently at the centre of a number of lurid tabloid tales – that basically expose the multimillionaire footballer as having shagged loads of birds.

Now fame hungry Jeynes, 42 – currently writing a book that she calls an expose of her relationship with Giggs, his former team mate Lee Sharpe, Princess Di’s former lover James Hewitt and West End Star Darren Day – has told a Sunday tabloid: “I’m not the kind of person to kiss and tell but I will say we had fun. Unfortunately we ended it after about a year.”

And Jeynes, who in 2003 was named Britain’s Most Hated woman by FHM Magazine, claimed to empathize with Giggs being at the centre of a tabloid frenzy. Jeynes fuelled her own tabloid headlines after telling Big Brother housemates that she had testicles.

Jeynes, from Dinas Powys near Cardiff, lifted the lid on her ‘steamy’ hotel meetings  with Giggs, who is known for his ball control and skill in gliding past any awkward tackle.

Asked, by a voyeur, if she thought Giggs was a sex addict she replied: “Yes, I think he was a bit – we were both young and active and we had fun.”

As well as the relationship with Giggs, Jeynes says she has ‘mixed with’ Hollywood A listers George Clooney and Bruce Willis, adding: “People tend to believe what they read in the press regardless of whether it’s true.”

Jeynes also revealed she hasn’t spoken to Giggs since he won the Community Shield with Manchester United eight years ago – and neither is she in contact with  slightly famous Big Brother 2006 contestant Imogen Thomas, who allegedly had something to do with Giggs.

“I know her really well but like everyone else I didn’t know what had been going on until it was all over the news,” claimed Jeynes: “I tried to ring her to see if she was OK but by the time I did she had changed her number.”

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