A fishy North Wales tale

Dai Kent and anglers show off the giant Cod

LOCAL government in North Wales has been divided by the Menai Straits after an angler netted a giant 18 stone fish in the waterway.

Holidaymaker David Kent, 54, battled the monstrous cod for an hour while on holiday in Anglesey with his wife Isabel.

But the catch has set Gwynedd and Anglesey councils on a collision course, with the mainlanders arguing it is a wakeup call over the threat of  nuclear pollution from the nearby Wylfa power station. The island council, which is keen for a new nuclear generator to be developed at Wylfa, says it should now seek to cash in on the benefits of mutant wildlife.

David, of Tenby, West Wales, hadn’t any bites on his rod in the Straits all day when the giant cod had a nibble.

The fish was more than 7ft long and weighed 18-and-a-half stone. David said: “The fish must have been hungry because it went for a tiny piece of corn. It was a good fight and at one point I had to get into the water to keep up with it.

“But after 55 minutes I managed to bring it towards the bank and into my net.”

It took David and two men to support the creature for a photograph to prove it was not just another fishy tale.

Isabel, 51, missed the drama because she was sunning herself alongside the banks of the Straits at the couple’s hotel at Menai Bridge.

David – known as Dai – said: “I usually catch bass weighing four or five pounds off the Pembrokeshire coast so this was a bit bigger than I’m used to.”

Plaid Cymru leader, the island’s AM, Ieuan Wyn Jones said: “Caught on holiday, really? I may or may not have been on holiday myself this past week.

“But really this shows why I’m so divided on the question of nuclear power. On the one hand we may have pollution but that gives us a giant cod, which will attract investment to the island, with many anglers keen to stay here. That’s why the right policy is to say you support both opinions.”

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