Twit’s jail fears

Shit Twitter pun goes here, Twitter ye not?!?

A WELSH Assembly Member fears he could be at risk of being jailed after a fake Twitter account in his name was discovered.

Sexagenarian Labour AM for Llanelli, Keith Davies, admitted he was baffled over the weekend when his wife broke the news to him that he had an account on micro blogging site, Twitter.

“My wife, said two of her work colleagues had said they had been following me on that Twitter,” said a stunned Mr Davies: “All I know from looking at it is it’s bilingual. The Welsh is very, very good. More than that I’ve no idea.

“The wife said leave it alone. I said I’m not leaving it alone. If it could happen to me it could happen to any AM, MP or any member of the public. It’s so easy to manufacture yourself as anybody on Twitter, there are no hurdles to setting up an account.

“It’s a warning to members of the public as well.”

However 69-year-old Mr Davies, who according to his Twitter account enjoys gardening and drinking tea, says he now worries the Tweets could land him behind bars after Attorney General Dominic Grieve threatened to hunt down and prosecute Tweeters who breach privacy injunctions.

Mr Grieve gave his warning amidst a row over court ordered privacy injunctions with Twitter being instrumental in the exposure of a footballer’s alleged affair with a glamour model. Judges have ruled the footballer’s privacy should be protected while almost everybody else has pointed out he will probably be exposed for shagging lots of other birds anyway.

Some 75,000 people are alleged to have broken the injunction on Twitter, and campaigners say it would be impossible to jail them all.

Mr Grieve ranted on BBC Radio 4 he would jail Tweeters and throw away the key, telling the Law Inaction programme: “I will take action, my intervention is necessary. Tweeters, there ought to be a law against them.

“People who think they can use modern methods of communication to act with impunity will find themselves in for a rude shock.”


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