Hay crowd suffer radio confusion

Radio gaga, Chris Evans at Hay

AROUND 100 confused Hay Festival-goers turned out at 6.30am to WATCH a radio broadcast.

The world famous showpiece donned its finest sandals and strode into its ninth day with Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans broadcasting live from the Brecon Road site.

But despite their vast knowledge of anything ever, many of the visiting London culture vultures failed to realise they could have stayed in bed and listened to the show as they would have done usually, and then tune in while in the car for the bit before 9am when they’re driving to work like the rest of us.

One of the gathered early risers in the packed Elmley Foundation Theatre commented: “If you shut your eyes it’s just like listening to it on the radio.”

The intellectual Hay Festival breed have only two more days left to absorb as much bullshit as possible before the event finally draws to a close for another year.

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