Residents’ water cut-off hopes down the drain

THOUSANDS of residents in South Wales have been left furious that their water supply WASN’T turned off.

Angry homeowners raced onto social networking sites to hurl abuse at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water for not turning off their water supplies during planned ‘essential’ works this week, after previously sending teasing letters suggesting they may do so.

Residents spent hours preparing for the possible 16-hour cut off by filling as many containers with water as they could. WNN was shocked to hear leisure centres in South Wales were even filling up their swimming pools with water.

But when many experienced no interruption whatsoever to their service, they called for heads to roll at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water HQ.

A disappointed customer moaned on Facebook: : “They said it was going off completely. “
Another angry and financially conscious user added: “We didn’t even drop any pressure down here bro. Local businesses have lost hundreds, if not thousands each over this as they closed unnecessarily. We should all petition Welsh Water for a credit, even if it’s just £10 each, for their mistake.”

But even the lure of possible compensation was not enough for this disgruntled woman: “Someone should be sacked for the mishandling of this particular project.”

However, a lucky handful of the 150,000 households that had expected to be affected by the works were fortunate enough to see their water supply cut off earlier than scheduled. One lucky woman boasted on Twitter: “I’m in Heolgerrig, Merthyr, it’s been off since 7.15.”

In the face of all this criticism, a defiant Dwr Cymru Welsh Water spokesman vowed: “We are doing everything we can to keep our customers on supply.”

The service upgrade works have now been completed.

Worried diplomats in the Third World have made contact with South Wales to lend their support during the crisis.

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One Response to Residents’ water cut-off hopes down the drain

  1. Helen says:

    Billions of gallons of water have been wasted over this, by people filling their baths and buckets to prepare for the switch off. And this at a time when the water authorities/met office are warning of a drought!!!
    What amazes me the most though, is that BBC news seem to infer that the “cut off” was a twitter rumour. I still have my letter from Dŵr Cymru which states – in bold and underlined – “during this time your water will be cut off, or you may have intermittent supply”. If this had been worded the other way around i.e. you will have intermittent supply, or your water may be cut off – it implies a much lower level of disruption.
    It sound to me like Dŵr Cymru are just backpeddling and trying to pass the blame elsewhere, for a situation that THEY caused.

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