We’re power mad, say campaigners

Feelings were charged at the protest

THOUSANDS of campaigners from rural Wales have held a rally outside the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff to protest against electricity.

Around 1,500 mostly old people from Montgomeryshire staged the demonstration outside the Senedd to tell politicians that new fangled electricity is at odds with their rural way of life.

The protesters spent a couple of hours standing outside the seat of Welsh Government holding placards saying things such as ‘No Power to the People’ and listening to speeches.

To prove their point that modernity is over rated four campaigners shunned the daily bus and train services or two hour drive from Mid Wales and spent five days walking the 120 miles from Welshpool to Cardiff.

One of the walkers said: “This electricity just has too much power nowadays. I think a generator and some batteries are fine. Really do we need all this electricity?”

ITV weather presenter Sian Lloyd, who joined the rally, said the protesters had come to the capital because: ““Some people in this rather attractive building here [the Senedd] want magnificent Mid Wales to start using electricity.

“Are we going to let them turn rural Wales into one gigantic power charged county?”

Crowds at the rally were entertained by local singer John Hughes, who played his acoustic guitar. One onlooker said: “It was a bit like that 1990s MTV Unplugged show, when rock bands would play an ‘acoustic set’. Though it wasn’t Nirvana it was some bloke with one of those old fashioned guitars.”

Sian Ifan, from the Embassy Glyndwr campaign group, travelled from Swansea to lend her support amid concerns that electricity is ‘un-Welsh’ as the famous.14th Century Welsh Prince is known to have never used electricity.

She said: “We’ve been very concerned about the rise of English electricity. This can’t be done to our motherland. Imagine if your mother had acid thrown in her face – it’s the same as what they are doing to our country.

“This protest is showing the Welsh Government that we won’t allow the electricity to be installed in Mid Wales.”

A Welsh Government spokesman said it supports electricity but that is should never be mixed with water. The spokesman also advised turning lights off when leaving the room, adding: “Electricity – it’s not free you know.”
Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/05/25/hundreds-join-rally-against-wind-farms-91466-28758520/2/#ixzz1NUEXJ8H1

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  1. john hughes says:

    i thank the journalist for spotting my close resemblance to cobain,my secret s out.

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